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The Space Desktop App is available in the three most common operating systems: macOS, Windows, and Linux.

You can download the right installer for you from our Github repository latest release page.


Download the .dmg image and drag the Space Desktop app to your Applications folder as you usually do with others .dmg apps.


Download the .exe executable file and execute the Space Desktop app as you usually do with other executable Windows apps.

The entire application is bundled into the exe, you can place that anywhere you'd like to store the app and add shortcuts as needed (e.g., your Taskbar or Desktop).


For Linux, we generated an AppImage app. To run the AppImage, first you will need to make it executable:

  chmod a+x space-app-{LATEST_VERSION}-linux-x86_64.AppImage

And then, just run it!



We highly recommend to open the space-app-{LATEST_VERSION}-linux-x86_64.AppImage app with AppImageLauncher, it will give you a better experience and also is recommended by the electron builder library that we use to build the Space Desktop app.


You don't know what it is an .AppImage app? You can visit the AppImage website to get more information.